Rebel Nutrition: an intro

Welcome to Rebel Nutrition. The site that will bring out your inner badass. This is a collection of my favorite recipes, the nutrition evidence that guides me, some fitness tips, interviews from my fellow nutrition and fitness peers, and a little bit of my every day life.

You might be wondering, why ‘Rebel Nutrition’? Well, this is kind of the mood I have when it comes to cooking, nutrition, and fitness. The word ‘rebel’ means a person who resists any authority, control, or tradition. In the kitchen, there are NO RULES. I just do whatever I want, whenever I want, and see what I come up with. This to me is pretty liberating and a definite stress reliever. My older sister, who previously viewed a sauté pan as a foreign object, was once terrified of the kitchen. She was worried that whatever she attempted, she would mess up or it wouldn’t taste good…to which I said “yo, just go in there and do whatever you want. There are no rules.”

Taking full control over something can be very therapeutic, just like arts and crafts. I see cooking as a form of self-expression. No one will be able to duplicate exactly what you created, and that’s something to be proud of.

Ever since that moment, my sister has been proudly coming up with combinations I never would have thought of, like mixing peanut butter and Sriracha and spreading it on apple slices! She’s ruthless.


Then, there’s nutrition. Yes, there are some basic rules when it comes to nutrition, but the beauty of it is that you can apply them however you want. If you incorporate them in your own personal way, and make it work with your schedule and taste, its super easy to implement. Just finding your stride is the hardest part. I’ve found that the more you have control over your food and your workouts, the more you feel like you have control over your life in general. Let’s assume you want a healthier diet. You should always have on hand what to eat to reach your goals: CONTROL. You should not be letting what’s available to you at that moment control what you eat. This is how people gain weight without even realizing it. It’s all about planning and taking complete control over your decisions.


Finally we have another favorite hobby of mine, FITNESS. It’s so amazing to be able to talk about this in some form because I never get a chance to. Who wants to have a conversation about working out, when they themselves don’t ever go to the gym. Yeah, no one. So this huge part of my life is something I tend to keep pretty private. As I move forward with this blog, I want you guys to give me feedback as to what you want to hear more or less about. I don’t want to go into detail about my Monday leg workout and favorite supplements, if no one will benefit from it or actually cares. But regardless, I will go into my Rebel mentality when it comes to fitness. This is another area in my life that I just completely do whatever I want. I like to work out in a gym setting, so that’s what I’ll use as an example. Especially in gyms, it’s hard to look past everyone else and just focus on yourself. It took me probably a full year to ignore the ‘staring’ and ‘judging’ I thought everyone around me was doing. This is 99% not the case. No one is there to hang out, they’re just there for the same reason as you, to better themselves. Even if ‘staring’ is the case, WHO CARES? Simply focusing on yourself and doing whatever you want to do in there is all you need to be thinking about.


Remember, have that Rebel mentality in all aspects of life. It will define who you are, and you WILL surprise yourself with what you can do.

1 thought on “Rebel Nutrition: an intro”

  1. “You should not be letting what’s available to you at that moment control what you eat.” THIS REVELATION CHANGED MY LIFE! Such an important thing to teach people. Bravo. Well done. Keep it coming.
    PS I remember when she discovered the PB & Sriracha thing….. still keep forgetting to give it a whirl.


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