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Soft Boiled Eggs

Here is my secret fool proof method to cooking the perfect soft boiled eggs. A soft boiled egg, sprinkled with a pinch of salt over a slice of toast is one of my all time favorite foods that I eat all the time. Here’s how this habit was born- I was listening to a food podcast a couple years ago. They had a food scientist on as their guest, and he explained the way to cook the perfect soft boiled egg, without fail, every time. I had to test it out. Sure enough, they were flawless. I went on to cook 2 of these every morning for breakfast for the next 2 years (I just recently switched over to egg whites). But still, this is always a treat for me. The creaminess of the yolks with a pinch of salt creates a rich, butter-like flavor on toast. It’s just pure amazingness. The secret? Steam.


Fill a saucepan with about half an inch of water. Cover and bring this to a boil. Once it’s boiling, slowly place 2 eggs in. Then, reduce the heat to medium and cover.

(NOTE: If you do more than 3, sometimes the steam doesn’t transfer properly and it doesn’t cook right. Also, make sure you place the eggs in slowly, don’t drop them in. If you crack one, the egg white oozes out and it just messes up.)

Once the eggs are in and the cover is back on, start a timer to exactly 6.5 minutes. If you like the yolks very runny, then do 6. If you like the yolks a little hardened around the edges, do 7.

After exactly 6.5 minutes, turn off the heat and remove the eggs. I usually dump the hot water in the sink and fill the saucepan with cold water and leave them for a little bit to cool.

When the eggs are cool enough, peel them. Remember the inside is soft, so do this carefully.

Then cut open and enjoy!


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